Career Options After Company Secretary Course

Institute of Company Secretary of India is the pioneer institute that conducts and regulates company secretary courses in India. Headquartered in New Delhi, the institute has branches in Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai. Students, who aspire to shape up corporate houses, can enroll in this career course. There are three levels in this program that students have to cross for the certification.

  • Foundation
  • Executive
  • Professional or Final

company secretary course in India

Career prospects and achievements:

Various career options open up for CS candidates, soon after they get the certificate. Usually, in every blooming company there are CS professionals contributing in the growth of these companies in different sectors. From the company secretary course, these professionals actually receive good training. This grooming helps candidates in the gradual career growth.

 Company secretaries have multi tasking abilities that they can utilize in the professional field. When they are dealing with a client meeting, simultaneously they have to keep an eye on the accounts as well as the overall management of the company they are working.

 According to the Companies Act of 1956, giant companies have to appoint company secretaries while the start ups and small companies have to engage CS for whole time practice to shape up the companies. The remuneration of CS professionals depends on their professional expertise and experience. Their minimum monthly salary starts from INR 30,000 to 35,000. 


Lessons from the Yes Bank episode

Students are much inclined towards kickstart their banking career. Infact, many IIM graduates, other MBAs with finance specialization are doing well. Some of them are also aspiring entrepreneurs. This was also the story of Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapur who jointly founded Yes Bank in 2004. They applied for license in the year 2003 but their appeal was granted by RBI on 2004 and unlike many such ventures, the upcoming bank got approval.

Later a sad incident shattered the dream of Ashok Kapur and his family members. Ashok was killed in the Mumbai terror attack on 2008. His wife and children has 12% shares and based on that Shagun Gogia and Gaurav Kapur asked for their rights. They claimed for their shares and Shagun even claimed to be a part of the board of the bank. She is infact a deserving candidate who has done her graduation from ISB Hyderabad and is dealing with Equities based in Tuscany. Their quarrel went to quiet an extent and now they are on the position of settling down.

Therefore, people must learn from this incident and take proper steps accordingly. Yes Bank episode is now a great example for aspiring bankers and investment bankers.

Top Distance Education Universities in India

Distance education and online study undoubtedly is the next best thing in Indian education. Fact is distance education has successfully reached a certain section of the society, unfortunately still wrapped in old customs and beliefs about not sending girls and womenfolk out to study.

Most online degrees courses and distance education programs target beginners and those living in remote areas with limited means for attending school and college education.

A List of Top Distance Education Universities in India

Karnataka State Open University, Mysore

This accredited university offers a number of degree, diploma and certificate courses in a number of courses and fields of study. The university is accredited and recognized by the University Grants Commission and the Distance Education Council and is also a permanent member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, London.

Contact Information:


Phone Number: 0821-2512471

Sikkim Manipal University

Is a public-private university that was set up in the year 1995 and is accredited by the UGC and AIU; and offers 69 different study programs in 9 different disciplines. The university employs a group of highly qualified core faculty besides inviting guest faculty from some of the best institutions in the country and abroad to instruct students.

Contact Information:


Phone Number: 0821-2512471

Importance of Article-ship For a Company Secretary

A company secretary is not merely a link between an organization and various governmental agencies and stakeholders. The professional also plays many other roles such as looking after legal affairs and maintaining records. Article-ship is one of the most vital components of company secretary course in India. It prepares a candidate to take up stiffer challenge in the profession.

Importance of article-ship for a company secretary

Hands on experience

Article-ship gives a person hands on experience to what he or she has learned from the curriculum. There are certain aspects of CS course that needs to be learned through practice. There training helps in grasping concepts by practical experience. A student also gathers confidence during the process. It helps when the person starts his or her independent practice.

Establishing industry contacts

Training in a good company also helps in developing contacts in the industry. You can convert many of these connections into clients when you join the profession. Article-ship lays the foundation for a career in the field.

Some candidates resort to procuring fake experience certificates but it doesn’t serve in the interest of the concerned candidate. He/she is just denying himself/herself the opportunity of practical learning experience. One must never opt for such malpractices.

More than 400 Application Forms Sold for Admissions to MBA

The demand for MBA courses is increasing day by day. Such is the craze that even candidates passing out from school, cannot wait till their Graduation to pursue MBA. Increasing number of students are opting for five year integrated MBA programs which they can start soon after they complete their 10+2. This has been proved by a recent incident in Gujarat University.

Applications Sold like Hot Cakes

More than 400 applications were sold out in the first day itself, when Gujarat University started distributing MBA and MSc-IT forms. Moreover, these forms were sold out in just two and a half hours. So, you can well understand the demand for this subject of study. Even though CA courses were favored by majority of the toppers this year, yet the number of students opting for MBA and MSc-IT is quite impressive. Even Science students are also opting for this course.

Why are Students opting for these MBA programs?

Different students have different reasons for taking up this course of study. While some think that Engineering has become too mainstream and MBA is a better option, others do not want to pursue Graduation and then do MBA.  A few Commerce students find business studies more interesting than accountancy.  

Students with Commerce as well as Science are pursuing this course to get a rewarding career for themselves.

Why Go for CS When you can Study Corporate Law?

Is law a subject which piques your interest? Are you confused between studying corporate law and Company Secretary Course? If you want to deal with legal issues of multinational corporations and other organizations you may think that taking up corporate law will be better than a program in company secretary. But it is beneficial to opt for the latter as you will get to play varied job roles after becoming a company secretary as compared to lawyer.

CS vs. Corporate Law

  • In case of CS course, you need to complete three stages after 10+2- Foundation, Executive and Professional program. After the completion of the course, you become a member of the Institute of the Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).
  • As you become a Company Secretary, you will be responsible to handle a wide range of legal matters like excise laws, corporate laws, tax issues, corporate planning, labor laws, et al. Different secretarial functions also need to be performed by you.
  • When you want to study corporate law, you have to pursue a 5 years BA LLB course after 10+2 and to enroll in that course; you have to clear the CLAT.
  • After successful completion, you will become a lawyer and start your practice in Indian or International law firms, corporate legal departments. If you want to become a company secretary, you will be eligible only when youbecome a member of ICSI.

So, you must really opt for career courses rather than corporate law as you will get to play a varied role and also grow quickly in your career. 

Nursery Admissions in India

In February 2013, the Delhi High Court announced that the Right to Education Act (RTE) was not applicable for nursery admissions in India. This means that private unaided schools have the power to set their own admission criteria for admissions. The Centre had pleaded to the court that the RTE was valid only for children in the age group of 6 to 14. This decision comes against the PIL that was filed by NGO Social Jurist.

Nursery Admission in India

Admission Process in Nursery

Parents need to follow certain steps when they want to enroll their little bundle of joy in nursery. The first procedure is to make a list of the selected schools which provide the best education. The next steps that are to be followed:

  • Get an application form at the right time so that you do not miss out on the last date of issue.
  • Many schools enroll students on the basis of lottery. Know about the process in details for every school.
  • Prepare your child for the interview which is conducted to check if your kid’s behavior is suitable for the school environment. 
  • Prepare yourself next. The school authorities will conduct interview for the parents to know about the background of the kid.
  • Examine the environment of the school and make your choice. Finally, you have to choose the school which you find has a good surrounding where your kid will be able to get the basic education.

Amity International School in india

Top Nursery Schools in India

There are numerous nursery schools in different cities in India. A selected few have been mentioned here:

  • Don Bosco School
  • Tagore International School
  • DAV Public School
  • Apeejay School
  • Amity International School

However, competition has increased tremendously in the past few years. So, it’s better to get prior information about issue of application form, starting date of admission, etc well ahead of the entire admission process.