Career Options After Company Secretary Course

Institute of Company Secretary of India is the pioneer institute that conducts and regulates company secretary courses in India. Headquartered in New Delhi, the institute has branches in Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai. Students, who aspire to shape up corporate houses, can enroll in this career course. There are three levels in this program that students have to cross for the certification.

  • Foundation
  • Executive
  • Professional or Final

company secretary course in India

Career prospects and achievements:

Various career options open up for CS candidates, soon after they get the certificate. Usually, in every blooming company there are CS professionals contributing in the growth of these companies in different sectors. From the company secretary course, these professionals actually receive good training. This grooming helps candidates in the gradual career growth.

 Company secretaries have multi tasking abilities that they can utilize in the professional field. When they are dealing with a client meeting, simultaneously they have to keep an eye on the accounts as well as the overall management of the company they are working.

 According to the Companies Act of 1956, giant companies have to appoint company secretaries while the start ups and small companies have to engage CS for whole time practice to shape up the companies. The remuneration of CS professionals depends on their professional expertise and experience. Their minimum monthly salary starts from INR 30,000 to 35,000. 


Is it Possible to Study Company Secretary-Ship Online

It is not always possible for all company secretary students in India to visit ICSI centers in order to study the course. To assist such students, the institute has launched an e-learning portal ( Students of all programs can register to the site and take lessons. Given the interactive nature of the learning platform, it is quite possible to learn the course online.

Registration for E-learning initiative of ICSI

Eligible students will have to visit the e-learning portal and fill in relevant details to register to the course.

Access to course material

Students will be given user id and password after they remit fees for the course. A registered student can access course material 24×7 from any place. One just needs to have a computer with broadband internet connection. You cannot move to the next module unless you complete the present one.

company secretary course


Students will be assessed after completion of each topic. Students will be monitored through webcam to ensure authenticity of candidates.

A student has to pay Rs. 750 for using the e-learning platform. Apart from broadband connection, you need a webcam and head set or speaker. Do you still believe that it is not possible to study CS course online?

Preparing for the CS Foundation Program

According to sources it has been confirmed that ICSI, Institute of Company Secretaries of India has changed the syllabus of the Company Secretary Foundation Programme. The new syllabus comprises of

  • Business economics and fundamentals of accounting and auditing
  • Business environment and entrepreneurship
  • Ethics and communication
  • Business management

The organization is optimistic regards to the new syllabus structure of the foundation program of the company secretary course in India. The new syllabus pattern will concentrate more on objective-type and multiple choice questions. The authorities think that in the foundation level, students can conveniently manage the first lap. In fact the new design of the syllabus will let the students study all by their own without any support from private tutors.

Preparing for the CS Foundation Program:

Students have to focus on studies. They have to work hard because foundation program is the base on which the later on structures will stand on. Therefore, students have to be alert about latest updates and have to have all information regarding their syllabus.

The ICSI guidelines must have to be followed by the candidates appearing for the CS foundations. If they think, they can take references from other books. Internet is one great source of information for anyone today. Students can take the help of the net also. These are some best ways to prepare for the CS Foundation Program.

Importance of Article-ship For a Company Secretary

A company secretary is not merely a link between an organization and various governmental agencies and stakeholders. The professional also plays many other roles such as looking after legal affairs and maintaining records. Article-ship is one of the most vital components of company secretary course in India. It prepares a candidate to take up stiffer challenge in the profession.

Importance of article-ship for a company secretary

Hands on experience

Article-ship gives a person hands on experience to what he or she has learned from the curriculum. There are certain aspects of CS course that needs to be learned through practice. There training helps in grasping concepts by practical experience. A student also gathers confidence during the process. It helps when the person starts his or her independent practice.

Establishing industry contacts

Training in a good company also helps in developing contacts in the industry. You can convert many of these connections into clients when you join the profession. Article-ship lays the foundation for a career in the field.

Some candidates resort to procuring fake experience certificates but it doesn’t serve in the interest of the concerned candidate. He/she is just denying himself/herself the opportunity of practical learning experience. One must never opt for such malpractices.